CyberPower Management Console

  • Required port: RJ45 Ethernet
  • Included with PDU models: Monitored; Switched

Product Overview

The CyberPower Management Console is a Network Management System (NMS) that provides real-time remote power monitoring and control of Power Distribution Units (PDUs). This useful hardware interface is built into CyberPower Switched and Monitored PDUs. For both Switched and Monitored PDUs, the Management Console enables administrators to perform operational tasks, such as load monitoring and event logging via email, text, or SNMP trap notifications. With a Switched PDU, it enables manual power cycling to restart unresponsive devices and allows for scheduled power cycling of outlets and/or load shedding for specific devices connected to the PDU.

Product Features
  • Remote Outlet Rebooting
    Restarts locked devices and permits offsite management of networks and connected equipment, minimizing disruption by power cycling multiple or individual outlets. (Switched PDUs.)
  • Schedulable Power Cycling
    Performs planned power cycling of attached equipment by utilizing the scheduling features. (Switched PDUs.)
  • Outlet Configuration Menu
    Provides options for managing PDU outlets and connected devices, including Device Name, Turn On Delay, Turn Off Delay, Reboot Duration, and Local On/Off. (Switched PDUs.)
  • Outlet Control
    Allows for switching on and off PDU outlets, which is useful for extend runtime during power outages. (Switched PDUs.)
  • Automatic Event Notifications
    Send information to designated users via email, SMS text, or SNMP traps when specified power events occur. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Event Logging
    Lets administrators review the history of power conditions (via a web browser/network connection), such as input voltages, load levels, and outlet status. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Event Logs Menu
    Displays a list of events, along with a date/time stamp and a brief description of each event. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Event Settings Menu
    Lets users select which type of events and SNMP traps are recorded in the Event Log. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Power Device Network Utility
    Scans network devices for media access control addresses that match CyberPower network hardware. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • SNMP Settings Menu
    Controls which IP addresses (devices) have access to the CyberPower Management Console of the PDU. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Trap Notification Menu
    Displays a list of current traps and permits users to configure new traps. Administrators can enter the IP address of each PC to be included as SNMP trap recipients. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • PDU Status Menu
    Gives an overview of the PDU and system vitals. Displays information about the system, levels, system messages, and status details. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Load Management Menu
    Allows for configuration of the PDU load thresholds and offers settings for managing the audible alarms and cold start delay. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Cold Start Delay
    Is a user-customizable parameter that determines when the outlets will turn on after power is engaged. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
  • Audible Alarms
    Signal load problems: Overload, Near Overload, and Low Load. (Switched and Monitored PDUs.)
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